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Welcome! Bienvenue! Willkommen!  Benvenuti! Bienvenida!

This site houses resources which have been generously donated by practising teachers who are members of 2 Yahoo groups called 'mflresources'& 'primarymflresources' [mfl=modern foreign languages] and who want to 'share the workload'. As the file sharing area becomes 'used up' on the Yahoo site, files are moved across to this site.   Please do not expect perfection in the resources or the web set up.  The group is run entirely by volunteers.

This site is in the process of re-organisation.  At the moment you can find links to resources: 

(1) on the yahoo site (2) on this home page (3) via the navigation buttons on the sidebar.

If you have found us here without first joining us in Yahoo then please sign up to benefit fully from this site by 'giving' as well as 'receiving'!  Thank you.

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Here are links to downloadable resources transferred from the files section of the Yahoo site up until 2004.  Further work will be done on categorising / moving over the coming months.



French Worksheets

la ville by lady_skier2 21/10/04
ma ville by bsenier 10/1/04

Spanish Worksheets

nuevo SEAT Cordoba (A2 ICT opportunity) by dicks_on69 26/9/04
el camping cabopino (ICT opportunity) by dicks_on69 26/9/04
el albergue juvenil (ICT opportunity) by dicks_on69 26/9/04
¿como es tu cuidad? (song from ¿qué tal?) by dicks_on69 26/9/04

German Worksheets

Man kann (goes with the "Jugendzentrum" unit of Auf Deutsch 2) by gavmills2003

time wordsearch by gavmills2003

weil (e-mail gavmills2003 for OHT copy of top half) by gavmills2003

Italian Worksheets


French Powerpoint

le corps by amelieazeem 22/9/04
various by all4french 15/2/04

Spanish Powerpoint

German Powerpoint

.weil by bobartley 22/9/04




Multi-language Resources




Self-marking Tests


Other Resources

revision yr 8 by minkiepinkie69 15/2/04
Revision flipchart revising UNIT 1&2 for Arriba 1. Requires ActivStudio (software sold with Promethean Interactive whiteboards) the links refer to exerciseson

XO (moviemaker required to view) by minkiepinkie69 15/2/04

Discussion Provokers
Various pictures and other materials to encourage discussion among students (material to compliment these pictures may follow soon)


Taskmagic Games
You will need Winzip to open these - get a free download here. You will also need the Taskmaster sofware - click here for more information.

tapas by cavalenzu 26/9/04
bebidas by cavalenzu 26/9/04
los meses by cavalenzu 26/9/04

Christmas Ideas


French OHTs


Spanish OHTs


French Games

en ville - pairs by lady_skier2 21/10/04
l'uniforme scolaire - pairs by lady_skier2 21/10/04
le temps - pairs by lady_skier2 21/10/04
les lieux de travail - pairs by lady_skier2 21/10/04
les métiers - pairs by lady_skier2 21/10/04
les transports - pairs by lady_skier2 21/10/04