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How can you create an audio file combining music and words?

Helen Myers

I hesitate from posting this, as there is an extremely high cringe factor in the resource I have just produced (and a high embarrassment factor for yours truly) .. but you never know, it may be useful to someone! I have posted the resources to the newly revamped mflresources website:

Inspired by lots of people who have used rap/music in their teaching, I've done something I've been meaning to try out for some time .. I know others have done similar, but anyway, here goes ...


I've listed the key phrases needed for straightforward role plays in a vocab table (English / French) - word document


For the first 16 phrases and audio track:

I downloaded some instrumental 'dance' tracks from podsafe music and contacted the musician to check it was OK to use (and he said yes!)  I've downloaded about 20 files which seemed suitable, and they are available as a zip file here.

I used Audacity to import the downloaded music track

I pressed record and recorded myself saying first the English, then the French (this was the difficult bit .. it all sounds ridiculous, but somehow the ''I would like a ham sandwich' was the phrase I couldn't say without giggling ..and I found it hard to fit in the ' quelle heure est-ce que a ouvre' into into two beats ..!!))

I highlighted the English bits and moved them down 3 semitones (Edit / change pitch .. down 3- I've decided I sound better like that)

I decreased the volume of the music track a little so that my voice wasn't drowned out by it

I saved the project

I wasn't sure about how to edit it easily without having to start over again.. especially because I wanted to keep with the 'beat', (and there's only so much of a half term holiday I can devote to this!) there are a couple of blips.

I exported the project as an mp3 (File/export)

I did the same for the next 16 phrases + new track

I opened a new project in Audacity and imported both mp3 audio tracks.

I copied the second track and pasted it to the end of the first (I think there may be a neater way to do this .. e.g. 'align tracks' .. but I couldn't work it out)

I deleted the second track which I had copied.

I exported this as an mp3.

So I ended up with 3 mp3 files: part one, part 2 and a combined one.



I'm not sure my pupils will really bother listening to the above, so I've created two TaskMagic text match files, one for each audio track (as TM takes maximum 16 phrases in the test file). I'm hoping the Type activity will be enabled even though there is an auio file attached (can't test it at home as I don't have the latest version of TM installed on my computer .. help, Martin!!) Otherwise, I'll make it into a Mix and Gap activity

I zipped the activities so that if anyone wants them, you get the audio file in the right place (it has to be in the same folder).

I've created a Fun with texts version as well (it allows for up to 20 A4 sheets worth of text!).... but suddenly realised that I seem to have lost the link to the latest FWT4 version which allows you to add audio and video .. it's installed at school .. so will sort this out next week (unless you can help, Graham!!!))

I shall now go into hiding for a short while!



NEW BIT! Karaoke

How to ...Create a video file combining audio + background picture + text

Download software : (see 4 screen shots for overview)

Program info:

License: Free (Freeware)
OS: Win XP/Vista
File size: 4.4 MB
Added: November 9th, 2007