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Le Tour de France

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Comment / Suggestions for use

5th July 08 Overview: scheme of work Word document Just some ideas ...
5th July 08 Overview: Powerpoint PowerPoint Insert hyperlinks to websites or downloads

5th July 08

General info about the history, organisation, nature of the race

Word document - 2 sides


Starter: pupils read in silence (approx 8 mins).  Follow with Quiz e.g. Millionaire.

5th July 08

Recall of info about the tour



Use after reading.  Learners write answers individually on paper.  Answers follow all 20 questions.

5th July 08

R/C - Info about current year

Word doc OR 

1) webpage on stages


2)webpage on teams


Individual work.

5th July 08 Vocabulary for cycling TaskMagic Game 1

TaskMagic Game 2

HEM Use files in conjunction with TaskMagic Play 

5th July 08

Skim read/  listen overview of the event

web link to the official Le Tour website


End of lesson allow 10 mins to follow interest

5th July 08

Know about towns and villages which tour passes through

Web link to Etape par étape


Read with the class or devise R/C activities.

Link to relevant tourist offices

5th July 08

L/C + know about the tour

YouTube channel with videos



3D Parcours


Web link to videos on official website 


Starter / breaker activity


Videos mainly images & music (little language)


You can subscribe to YouTube video channel.

Videos are provided as follows:


A Overview - parcours en 3D


B For each étape:

(1) L'histoire du tour: footage of previous occasions when tour passed through relevant étape

(2) 'Le parcours 2008 découvrez l'étape X'

(3) 'Les villes étapes 2008, visitez X'


C Extras e.g.

- Humour 'Yellow Jacket' (not quit eup to gorseygorsey standards ..)

- Les Equipes: videos advertising teams




 If school blocks Youtube, try official site.

5th July 08

Range of skills

Atantot subscription site

Game, map and video links brought together helpfully by Esther Mercier, Webmistress extraordinaire!

5th July 08 Range of skills BBC website Phrases and links
5th July 08 Experience the race! Google maps to see the tour 360 degrees


Site (click on 'c'est parti!'

Steve Glover Need to practise using this fantastic Google service .. amazing!
5th July 08 Up-date on the tour on TV website France 2 website Unfortunately, can't watch en direct from the UK, but good articles / things to explore.  BUT you can see stored videos of what has been broadcast before and on each day.  Use drop-down menu to see categories:

Avant le Tour (many interesting aspects - e.g. Video of Les Chutes sur la Tour, Video of les cols mythiques, Video of the caravane which precedes the race

for each day: village départ, après tour, le film du tour,  résumé de l'étape

5th July 08 Up-date on tour from sports paper viewpoint Equipe website
6th July 08 Range of skills Lancashire NGFL web page with links Collection of links
6th July 08 R/C general info on bicycles Momes website Could create R/C questions on the page and its many links
6th July 08 Range of skills Kent advisory service webpage Links and ideas for projects
6th July 08 Info (French / English words) Web link to Tour Terminology

Helen's adaptation for wall display - word doc




List of key words.  Could  be turned into a quiz.
6th July 08 Range of skills across subjects and phases Web page on Case Study Ideas for cross curricular and cross phase project (Links broken / out of date, but give excellent ideas)
6th July 08 R/C overview Web link to l'Internaute

Slide show (7) with commentary on sections

HEM L'Internaute - an attractive site - magazine-style - links to comments e.g. on dopage.

Slide show would lend well to R/C - nice photos.

6th July 08 Info AOL search for sites Kent Web page with many links to 2008 tour
6th July 08 Processes and concepts and Intercultural! (ticking all the boxes!) Case study from Iowa Kent Well presented ideas from USA on using Le Tour de France for a wide-ranging project- this could well be a way for Year 9s to end KS3? (But also shows limitations / risks of individual project work)
6th July 08 Info on UK rider Mark Cavendish Word doc of BBC article for display HEM Print onto A3 for wall display?  (Pupils read while waiting in corridor?)
6th July 08 Recognise the team colours pdf 2 pages of score table from the day

link to website with score board + pictures

HEM Useful when watching the race to identify the teams.